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How do you make the first impression of your website?

We can help you with our web design improvement service.

Data Driven UX consulting

Our Data-Driven UX consulting analyzes the service with perspectives of experts and users. And with UX data analysis, we suggest optimal UX design by tracking the searching behaviours of actual users.

Data-Driven UX Assessment provides design quality
improvement consulting with quick use on your website.

  • UX analysis through
  • Establishing UX
    strategy through
    expert and user evaluation
  • Identifying AS-IS
    problems through
    objective data
  • Suggest optimal
    To-Be UX design

UX Consulting Framework

  1. 01stage

    Service analysis

    Current online
    service analysis
  2. 02stage

    As-Is Analysis

    User & Contents Analysis
    • Current status analysis of website
    • Analysis of function importance on website
    • Identifying problems
    Usability Analysis
    • Expert analysis(Heuristic Evaluation)
    • User testing(Task Analysis)
    • Solutions analysis(data-based UX analysis)
    • Identifying problems
  3. 03stage

    To-Be Model Design

    Establishment of improved model
    • Identifying factors that affect usability
    • Final analysis results and draw a To-Be orientation
    • Development of To-Be standard guidelines in each field
  4. 04stage

    of Plan

    guidelines for
    customers and

UX Consulting Process

  1. Current status analysis

    1. Establishment of
      preliminary diagnosis plan
    2. Research for preference
      of web site
    3. Functional Importance
  2. Solution analysis

    1. Target page extraction
    2. installation of
      the analysis script
    3. User Data acquisition
      and analysis

      set up the task through
      User Data analysis

  3. Evaluation of usability

    1. Evaluation plan
    2. Installation of
      the analysis script
    3. Analysis of results

      Reassessment of identical
      conditions before and
      after improvement

  4. Guide lines

    1. Pattern extraction
      by UI element
    2. Producing Improvement
    3. Guidelines Distribution

Solution Analysis

Analyzing user behavior patterns, present a rational UI/UX strategy for purpose of use.

솔루션 분석 예시 솔루션 분석 예시
  • UX Heatmap

    Provide UX results by
    users in heat map format

  • Comparing as Referrers

    UX Comparison depending on inflow path

  • User Analytics

    User statistics for UX analysis

  • Gaze Heatmap

    Visualizing the overall use flow of users

Visualizing the overall use flow of users

Identify the usability problems of the interface based on the user task analysis

  • Evaluation plan of
    Set evaluation goals and plan(repeat it before and after the improvement)
  • Prepare for usability
    Fill in the Screening Questionnaire
    User Recruitment
    Creating scenario and setting task list
    Fill in the Questionnaire before and after proceeding the task
    Conducting Pilot Test
    Verification of the questionnaire
    Equipment inspection
  • Conduct usability
    Pre Interview
    Website Response Survey
    Performing tasks
    Post-Test Survey, Interview
  • Results Analysis Report
    Video Analysis
    Task Analysis
    Making Report

Improvements with Data-Driven UX Analytics

Improvements with Data-Driven UX Analytics

Through solution analysis and usability assessment, we identify issues on the web site and present detailed improvements.

  • STEP01
    Solution Analysis
  • STEP02
    Usability Analysis
  • STEP03
    Draw an Information Structure
    Improvement Plan
  • STEP04
    Wire frame
  • STEP05
    Suggest design
    improvement plan

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