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Accessibility For Everyone,

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What is Web & Mobile Accessibility?

It is Ensuring that the content provided by the web or mobile can be understood and utilized equally by the Disabled and the Non-disabled.

In particular, the rapid spread of smart phones and the characteristics of mobility have made the accessibility of mobile devices more important.

The importance of web & mobile accessibility is now being more emphasized as the same accessibility issues exist not only to the elderly or the disabled but Non-disabled, such as noisy or quiet environments and low communication rates.


Why is accessibility important?

Every day, through digital devices such as smart phones, we can check mails and work in real time, enjoy online communities such as social networking, playing games, and order what we need. Lifestyle changes by Internet and smartphone are making a big difference in our lives. About 20 percent of the world's population lives with disabilities, and smartphones brought many changes in lives of disabled.

Digital accessibility is not just a matter of abiding legal regulations, but also an essential element of a web environment that everyone can use. In addition, web content conveniently made for the disabled and the elderly can improve the satisfaction of all users.

  • Elderly people who play computer
  • Easy to use for anyone
  • Hands of a person who touches a smartphone
  • Quick finding of information
  • A globe on a laptop
  • Convenient in any environment

What is the web accessibility for disabled people?

Improving accessibility is creating the right web environment!

Web accessibility is a minimum set of standards for diverse disabled people,
including vision, hearing, physical disability, language, cognition and neurological disorders.
Since blind people are one of the most difficult layers to use the web with physical constraints,
‘The Total Blindness test’ with the real blind through a screen reader will help them find and
implement much more effective solutions as far as accessibility is concerned.

Accessibility consulting

The web accessibility consulting methodology of SNC Lab consists of 8 PHASE, 15 Activity, and 20 Tasks, and it reports an output (Output) task by task. As we can reduce repetitive intervals, it prevents unnecessary manpower and development period.

  • Web accessibility pre-diagnosis
    Identify issues in advance
    Web accessibility training for customers and practitioners
  • Planning and design
    Status analysis
    Establishing Web Accessibility Plan through storyboards pre-checking
  • Design
    Offers a template design for web accessibility by conducting pre-inspection when drafting design
    Conducts an inspection on all designed pages
  • Publishing
    Improved working speed by distributing a template that is compliant with web accessibility
    Conducts Publishing Result Diagnostics by units(repeating until the aimed score is reached)
  • Operator training
    Implementing management training to maintain web accessibility
    Final report
  • Support achieving Web Accessibility Certification
    Support the application and Achievement of web accessibility certification
    accessibility certification
  • Integration Test
    Conduct the integration testing for the completed developing web sites
    (Automatic assessment / Specialist assessment / User evaluation)

    repeating until the aimed score is reached

  • Development
    Conduct diagnosis on the completed developing source page

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